New blog is up!

Hey guys my new blog is up
you can view it here:

This blog will still be here but not be updated.


Thinking Process

Another piece I am working on:
Any idea's/comments?


WIP: Crystalised

Hey guys,

I'm trying to make a come-back here ;)
I really want to try to make one post every sunday > probably about one of my artworks I am busy with/just have finished.


Still working on it.
Any tips?



A question to you...

Hey readers!

I have a question for you...
I am planning to make a real website soon, but I want a cool name for it.
Shall I just keep Daily Designs <-- just simply fantastic. Or do you have other thoughts.
I want a mascot to actually so, what kind of mascot; animal, some living object or just human?

I shall show you guys my template for my web site soon!
Thanks for your attention


:PS: sorry for the low post rate... just working on graphics, which im too lazy too upload. But you can follow them on my DeviantArt account: Think-Creative


The iQ font - Toyota

Today on iLT ( I noticed an interesting post about a font made by an overhead camera and a car. You can view more in this movie:

iQ font - When driving becomes writing / Full making of from wireless on Vimeo.

Or just look at iLT or Toyota <-- you can download the font there too!


Awesome Ps plug-in list

A quick post to refer to an awesome list of free plug-ins, mainly for photography, summed up for you by SmashingMagazine.

You can click HERE to view the list.

: SmashingMagazine


Back from Denmark!

Hello to you all!

I am back from Denmark and made some pretty awesome shots (atleast for my skill range), my first week of making actual photographs. Never made any of those kind before, never made any actual. Unless I had to for someone. Anyway I uploaded the 35 best photographs onto my Deviant Art account. They are all unedited.

All 35 RAW photographs can be viewed HERE. Would be awesome if you wrote a comment here or on Deviant Art.

I haven't written it anywhere but I will note it here:
''If you think you are cool when using my photographs as if they were your own, then just stop thinking because you are not. So please, if you do use them please refer back to this page or the picture it self on my Deviant Art Account. It would be totally awesome (but you are not obliged too) post a comment to show me your artwork (with my photograph used in it).

Well, busy weeks coming up, so the posting will be at the same rate, well probably 1 post per week, just depends on the inspiration on the web.