Photoshop Experiment #1: Misc Typography

This is not a tutorial, but just something I found out in Photoshop CS4, which I wanted to share. So it is not as accurate explained as a tutorial.

As I was making a Gift for my friend on (Shadow).
1. So I started with the background, Just black and putting red spots (scattered all around).

2. Then just played around with blur, finally I took shape blur and took the following shape:

3. Then just took a decent font and added some layer effects (just play around)
I used the following settings:

4. Then I created those 1px lines, just take a round brush, 1px and use the following settings to create the same:

Then make one little dot where you want to start (the middle) and hold shift and make a little dot at the same height but then at the border.

''Never steal artist's work.''

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  1. Anonymous |

    Some pictures arent in a real good quality but still usable. But you already said it was a bit inaccurate because it is not a tutorial.


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