Photoshop Tutorial: 3D text Effect

Requirements: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Step 1
The 3D text is made in illustrator (or any other program). So pick the type tool and type your text.
Letter By Letter!
Then Align all the letters, by clicking on the ’’align bottom’’ button
Add the 3D effect by adding ‘’Extrude & Bevel’’ (Effect>3D>Extrude & Bevel)
Just random rotate the cuboid to get a nice result.

Step 2
Now lets copy the text into Photoshop. Select all the letters and copy them (ctrl+c)
Open up photoshop and pase them (ctrl+v) as a ’’Smart Object’’

Step 3
Lets get some cloud brushes (for free: here)
And brush them in two new layers, one on top of the 3D text and the other one below. And scatter it around a bit. (ignore the blur, tiny mistake from me, it wont affect the result)

Step 4
Add the rainbow; make select a small strip in a new canvas and fill it with a rainbow gradient. From top to bottom. Then select the Polar to Coordinates filter (Filters>Distort>Polar-to-Coordinates)

Step 5
Copy the rainbow into your original canvas (your 3D text, clouds image) and place it beneath your 3D text layer (above the 2nd clouds layer) . Select the following part: (maybe add a bit of feather (6px) (Select>Modify>Feather) and press Delete on your keyboard.
(Set the mode to screen)

Step 6
Now duplicate the layer and place it on top of all layers
(Set the mode to Hard light)

Step 7
Let’s create the bubbles. Select a 19px feathered round brush and add a scatter effect. Than play around with the position of the spots.

Step 8
For the colouring we just add a simple rainbow gradient on top of all layers. And set the mode to colour

Playing around with the effects will give the best result.


Thanks for reading, Comments are appreciated!

''Never steal artist's work.''

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