Photoshop tutorial: Texturing faces

Requirements: Photoshop
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make a textured face.
The result will be something like this:

So let's start:

Step 1
We start by downloading the face and the stone texture. And opening them in photoshop.
Put the face-layer beneath the texture-layer (put the texture layermode to Multiply)

Step 2
Still on the texture-layer, select only the skin with your favourite selector (as if the texture layer wasnt there) (I used the pen tool (P)).

Step 2b (if pen tool is used)
Right click somewhere and select Make Selection and press okay in the coming dialogue.

Step 3
Invert the selection (CTRL+I) and press Delete to delete the stone texture of the jacket.

Step 4
Now select the eyes and press delete, to clear the eyes of the stone texture.

Step 5
Take the face-layer.
Take the burn tool and burn a nice dark edge around the eyes.

Step 6
Make a new layer and select the coloured part of the eyes, then pick an orange colour and fill it, then delete the black part of the eye (in the colour layer) and set the mode to ''Color''

Step 7
Take the face-layer.
Select: Filter>Render>lighting effects
Put the settings to soft omni and slide some of the sliders a bit.

Step 8
Experiment with multiple Adjustments and you will get a nice result, I added a faded edge around the image, and another tint layer.
You can download the PSDfile here; PSDfile

''Never steal artist's work.''

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