Video of the Week #3

Today one of the featured videos on Vimeo was Science machine by Chad Pugh. He made a time lapse from screenshots made each 5 seconds from several months of work and put it into a video of 7 minutes!

Science Machine from Chad Pugh on Vimeo.

The 36" x 24" print can be purchased at my new store!

This piece inspired the login illustration that vimeo commissioned from me for their redesign earlier this year; it is still in use throughout the site. The video is a condensed time lapse of screenshots over a several month period. Total physical drawing time is close to 40 hours and I'd add an equal amount of time for concept time and readying the print. A screenshot was taken every 5 seconds, which actually results in a full 18 minute video, but I shrunk it into a video under 7 minutes for entertainment's sake. The full video can be found here:

My life has changed a lot since i started this, so I thought it appropriate to include my friends, family and loved ones since they all were on my mind throughout the creative process. The music is from Portishead's latest album, here:


Source: Vimeo and Chad Pugh

''Never steal artist's work.''

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