Upgrade: Read more

A few days ago I was searching for some help to get these ''Read more...'' links. It was pretty hard to find one which worked, but I wanted one, because long posts on the main page is just annoying. Though it still needs to be enhanced I already put it in.
You will see such a link (see bottom of the post (there is nothing to reade more though))

Most of the time I will announce when there is more in a post like; ''I have found # articles'' and I just show one on the main page.

I will let you know when it is enhanced. I am planning a total make-over of my blog too. So when you see a totally different website don't think this one is gone, it has just been re-styled then.

That's all for now (of the regular blog upgrades/news/etc...)

''Never steal artist's work.''

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