Photoshop Experiment: White in Black

Finally I have came back to posting, not as much as before but you have something to read now!
Anyway back to the topic;

First a little explanation:
In my History classroom at my school there is a poster which shows a German Manifest which shows a piece of text with some parts made bold to show a face. But the weird thing is, this can't be done in word for two reasons;

1. It takes too long to make a face from A3 format with word.
2. some parts are diagonally made bold.

So I went experimenting in photoshop, because its a quite cool effect and here is my first result

Just quickly made a piece of text (Daily Designs) in grey, with a black background.
Then I made a the two letter D's also in grey (maybe a tad brighter) and put the layer mode to Colour Dodge.
As simple as it was/is this is the result!

UPDATE: just found a tutorial to do it easier on Abduzeedo

''Never steal artist's work.''