A question to you...

Hey readers!

I have a question for you...
I am planning to make a real website soon, but I want a cool name for it.
Shall I just keep Daily Designs <-- just simply fantastic. Or do you have other thoughts.
I want a mascot to actually so, what kind of mascot; animal, some living object or just human?

I shall show you guys my template for my web site soon!
Thanks for your attention


:PS: sorry for the low post rate... just working on graphics, which im too lazy too upload. But you can follow them on my DeviantArt account: Think-Creative

''Never steal artist's work.''

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  1. Dalton |

    Hey TC, its DaltonR6! and, you could make a website. But it takes a long time... ive tried. its just easier for me to have a normal blog :D


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